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Truffle And Pancetta Pasta

7 May

I have no idea when was the first time I tried anything made with truffles, but I do remember my love for truffles started with the movie No Reservations. I can watch that movie over and over.

Truffles have a distinctive scent and taste that is indescribable, and make any dish the most delicious thing you will ever experience in your lifetime.  Unfortunately truffles are pricey, and usually reserved for a special night out but I felt the urge to splurge and make this dish on an ordinary Wednesday and it was well worth it.

The nutty, savory and buttery flavor of the truffle oil goes perfect with the pancetta. The first time I made it, it was exactly like the recipe I found here Truffle Butter Pasta, but as you know I change recipes at times. I customized it to mine and my husbands taste as I added both pancetta and mascrapon cheese since it is a must when making a pasta dish.

For this dish there is no option but to use great pasta, a bit pricey, but trust me you will have left overs for another special night.

You don’t have to use this, but I did and  it gave it an extra umph.

Amazingly good and the texture of this pasta is heavenly. Excuse me while I go enjoy my grown up pasta.

As always, Carolina, xoxo

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