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I Finally Made It

3 May

Good morning Gorgeous Gems,

We grew up eating Tres Leches for special occasions just like in most Latin American households, and it wasn’t until my formal co-worker from Russia asked me if I knew how to make it that it sparked an interest to attempt to. On and on she went about how it is her favorite cake and because I took it for granted of course I had never tried in the past. Well of course the right time never came along, so this year I made it a priority to learn how to before Cinco de Mayo, and boy was it a success my husband loved it (and he is not easily pleased).

At first I thought I over baked it because of the color when I flipped it.

The three milks combined hence why it is called “Tres Leches.”

I would say the whip cream is thick enough!

The cake was extremely moist and the three milks spread evenly. Don’t you just love it when first attempts are a success? With that being said I will continue on with the tradition of enjoying this delicacy of a cake for future occasions (next time I am adding rum).

Now please excuse me while I enjoy my lovely piece of cake.

Almost forgot the essential ingredients and recipe can be found here.

Hope you give it a try as it so worth the effort,

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