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Why They Call Grey The New Black

1 May

Grey is seductive, sophisticated, and professional, it doesn’t stand out, but yet does; it comes in different shades (unlike black) that look great when worn together.

Cashmere sweater dress: bebe. In the fall I like to wear it with a solid mustard yellow scarf, and in the winter a solid rosy lavender scarf, (and of course my Lollipop red wool coat) but I did without a scarf today because I really wanted to put more emphasis on my essentjewels bling, from our new line: ‘iridescent’ earrings.

I hope the same rule does not apply to wearing cashmere in the spring as does not wearing white after Labor Day because I am feeling guilty about wearing cashmere in the spring. I have to confess I did wear my white skinny jeans this past winter a couple of times, hey Jackie O. did it, anyway, it is still cold here in the MI).

Feather light trench coat perfect for spring, (only my friends like to call it the cape) by Xiao yan oGin (and ladies it is made in the U.S.A.) I will take cape as it does make feel me fierce, feminine, and fantastic! I would say those are superhero characteristics. J.Crew charcoal grey tights, (little did I know that I would be pulling the tights out again) Coach ankle booties and Coach bag.

And all I needed was a pop-out nail polish by essie: lollipop.

And there you have it my friends, why they call the grey the new black.

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