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Plaids Don’t Always Have to Be For The School Girls

26 Apr

Hi Jewels,

Don’t mind me, I love to people watch.

I love anything with plaids,(especially Burberry) but who can always afford Burberry right! So I settled for these plaid leggings from Orchid Lane who support the global fair trade community and who have been established since 1986, at least I can afford the sun glasses: Burberry.

Purse: Patent leather by Coach. I have been asked occasionally by several friends if I am willing to sell this purse, sorry my precious friends, but not this shiny jewel.

Cashmere cardigan J.Crew, one of my favorites because of the color and because of the softness which only cashmere can offer. The ring inherited: topaz, nail polish essie, Lollypop, and hair inspiration who other than the one and only Katy Perry from her “Teenage Dream Video.” I loved how in most of the video she went from sexy jungle women hair to a cute bun Audrey Hepburn style with bangs oh and so polished. And because the video took place in Santa Barbra and the Central Coast which is where we are from, and last because it so took me back to my “Teenage Dreams” when I was free of cares. Thank you Katy Perry, I watched this video over, and over, and will continue to for the simple pleasures of reliving my “teenage dreams” in my hometown!!!!

Omg, how did I forget to wear my favorite necklace with this get-up (well, they are all my favorite, but you know what I mean)? Oh well, I guess that means I have to wear this outfit again with this necklace, gosh I hate when that happens (yeah right I will come up with another way to mix it up).

Shoes: Joan David, this outfit so would have rocked if the shoes were Christian Louboutin,(CL) (one day). Not to change the subject, but did you know that he came up with idea of the red soles by accident, his employee was painting her nails red and accidentally got it on the sole of the shoe and the rest is history, genius right? I will never, ever, ever, ever, desire any other pair of shoes more!!! Thank you CL employee for making that happy mistake!

Hope you give the plaids a try as they don’t always have to be for school girls,

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