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Saturday Night

25 Apr

I’ll be honest- up until two years ago you would have never caught me at home on a Saturday night making dinner. My husband and I would be out wining and dinning. Now, I can’t wait for Saturday nights, for the sole reason to cook.

My husband was craving pizza. Of course, he was thinking of a traditional pizza with pepperoni and pineapple, but I was going to deliver a pizza with the volume turned up!!!

Wheat bread, tomato paste, Gruyère cheese, Goat cheese, Mozzarella cheese Arugula, Figs, and prosciutto.

Meet my Italian gold!!!

Recipe from Gourmet Girl . I changed it up a bit, sometimes I cant help it sorry, but what fun is it, if you can’t be creative in the kitchen right? I like to think of cooking just like fashion, it all comes down to taste.

Mojitos in the making.

Cheers to our Saturday night!! Enjoying some Italian gold and my yummy Pomegranate Mojito, recipe from Emeril Lagasse

As always, Carolina xoxo

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